University of South Carolina:
Women's Quadrangle Dormitory
Columbia • South Carolina
160,000 SF renovation of the three existing buildings in the Women’s Quadrangle (Sims, Wade Hampton, and McClintock) to create a modern residence hall for 600 students. A complete demolition back to the structural frame was required to convert these traditional style dormitories into modern residence halls that meet current building codes.

Following current campus and national trends, the first level of the buildings incorporate community spaces such as lounges, laundry rooms, classrooms and other student support functions associated with campus housing. Newly designed suite-style dormitory rooms house 600 students and associated living support areas offer a modern dormitory that also meets the university’s housing needs. The three buildings are now connected via small enclosed additions; these additions also improved the safety, flow and sense of community in the Women’s Quadrangle. The project, in accordance with the University’s commitment to sustainable design, is seeking LEED Gold Certification.


Mashburn Construction