Voorhees College:
Recreation and Residence Hall
Denmark • South Carolina
Voorhees College chose Mashburn to construct a new two-story recreation and residence hall to address a growing student population and offer a safe entertainment space.

The 16,854 square foot structure houses two occupant types. The building includes a two-lane bowling alley with a lounge game room, café and eight 4-bedroom suites with a total of 32 suite-style beds. The owner also requested data and entertainment infrastructure.

To access the job site our team maneuvered through the campus dining hall and around existing residence halls on a semi-tight site with limited disruption to daily campus life. Our team overcame obstacles including dealing with contaminated soil and contending with lead times on a tight schedule; however, the project was completed on time. The Historic Black College Fund was utilized and demanded additional specific criteria be met within a narrow time frame.

During preconstruction, our Superintendent was able to complete early preparation with appropriate subcontractors which helped Mashburn begin and complete job at a rapid pace.


Mashburn Construction