Trident Health System:
Cancer Center Addition & Renovations
Charleston • South Carolina
When Trident Health needed a premium Linear Accelerator (LINAC) facility, they charged Mashburn Construction with transforming a previous HDR vault and control room into a state-of-the-art facility.

Now completed, the 3,700 square foot facility offers the TruBeam LINAC, which delivers powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision, the first of its kind in the Charleston area. The project also included a tranquility garden, software upgrades and aesthetic improvements. The renovation removed a portion of the existing building and then tied back into the opening created from its removal.

Creating the all-concrete LINAC vault required 2’-6’ concrete walls and a 3’-6’ concrete ceiling deck, which all had to be poured in place. The team carefully coordinated material delivery and subcontractor scheduling due to the extremely limited space and nearly zero lay down area.

During construction, the cancer center remained fully operational and never decreased its patient load.


Mashburn Construction