18 East North Street
Historic Office Building
Greenville • South Carolina
Formerly the Elks Lodge, 18 East North Street was renovated to retain specific historic features while updating the space for modern use. The building provides office space on floors two, three and four; restaurant space on the first floor; as well as a basement storage area. This 27,310 square foot project was completed on a tight, downtown sight with limited parking and deliveries. Our team was mindful of neighboring businesses with ongoing operations during the renovation. Due to the historic nature of the building, our team reused original doors when possible; door frames were retained; existing wood walls and floors were refurbished; the corridors remain original; and demolished walls were left in part to adhere to the original structure. Numerous attempts were made to restore the original elevator, but due to obsolete parts and inconsistent results, a modernization was completed in which the existing shaft and cab was reused. Other challenges included installing modern HVAC, plumbing and electrical while preserving the terracotta walls in the 80-year-old building as well as combating years of water intrusion.

The building had previously been abandoned for over five years, and Mashburn assisted the Owner in getting it registered with the National Parks Service. Our team worked diligently to adhere to the strict completion date so the Owner could take advantage of several tax credits, including those for an abandoned building and for historic renovations. This project was completed one month ahead of schedule.


Mashburn Construction