911 Communications Center
Lexington • South Carolina
New, 15,000 SF facility houses the entire data center for Lexington County and is the backup Emergency Operations Center for S.C. The state-of-the-art Center, built to Category 5 and FEMA 360 standards, provides redundant communications, computer, electrical, and HVAC disciplines. The emergency response room boasts large communication screens available at a moment’s notice.

Over 12 miles of cables are utilized for the Center’s features. The only facility of its kind in the Southeast, the new Center replaces an outdated and less secure call center and consolidates the county public safety director in the same facility as his team. The facility enhances the County’s response to calls for emergency help – not only is it the site for coordinating response to natural disasters, it assures that calls for emergency personnel get through even in the worst of times.


Mashburn Construction