Clarendon County Courthouse
Historic Renovations
Manning • South Carolina
Historic renovation to the 21,000 SF Clarendon County Courthouse. Listed on the National Historical registry, the courthouse was constructed in 1908-1909 and is part of the Manning Historic District.The 3-story brick & limestone building fell into disrepair due to old age, as well as poor maintenance, water damage, termites and years of patchwork repairs. The renovation addressed the interior, exterior, and structure of the building.

The interior renovations maintained numerous historic features including the judge’s bench, wall paneling, stained glass windows, single hung windows, exterior doors, terrazzo, railings, and other items. New construction mimicked the previous functions of the Courthouse to maintain the historic fabric of the building. Rehabilitation of the building’s exterior included cleaning and pointing brick masonry, repairing terra cotta, limestone and stucco and replacing the roofing systems. The windows and exterior doors were removed, restored offsite and reinstalled in their original locations. The existing south elevation stairs were demolished and rebuilt to incorporate an ADA compliant ramp.

The building structure was renovated to maintain the existing configuration and replace rotten & damaged structural members. The main trusses were originally assembled in place and gravity loaded. Decay of the bottom chord of a main truss required its replacement. As pressure was relieved the web members started shifting. The pressure was immediately put back on the truss and structural steel splice plates were installed respective of the original truss configuration.


Mashburn Construction