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Columbia, SC

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Director of Safety, Quality Control, and Regulatory Affairs

Columbia, SC

The Director of Safety, Quality Control, and Regulatory Affairs manages all the workers at a construction site and make sure they are working safely and following all the correct safety procedures.

Assistant Superintendent

Columbia, SC

Supports the Superintendent and Project Manager in the successful completion of assigned projects. Participates in overseeing job site safety, quality, project scheduling, and communications with the architect and consultants on field and constructability issues.


Columbia, SC

Responsible for the daily supervision of all trade contractors. Also responsible for ensuring that safe work practices are used for all construction activities and for the daily Quality Control inspections of all work in progress.

Assistant Project Manager

Columbia, SC

Assists in all management and field activities for the project. Main responsibilities will be invoicing, documentation of all meeting minutes, correspondence, and submittal coordination and flow.

Project Manager

Columbia, SC

Works closely with the preconstruction manager during the planning phase of every project to provide continuity in all phases. Conducts preconstruction meetings with assigned personnel from each subcontractor and evaluates contract documents to plan start and completion times, as well as to determine the staffing requirements for each phase of construction. Oversees and assists with construction supervision, develops construction means and methods, ensures materials and workmanship conform to plans and specifications, and ensures that all safety requirements are met.