504 Rhett Street

Greenville, SC

Built in the 1920’s as a cotton bail train distribution building, 504 Rhett Street has housed many businesses over the years – most recently a wood mantel builder. Centre Stage in Greenville has also utilized the ground floor to build scenes for performances. The Owner desired a full renovation of the building for their future use as well as to create a co-work space and future tenant spaces.

The project is flanked by a city street, a railroad, a gym and a small parking lot, thus resulting in zero laydown space during construction. However, Mashburn was able to use future tenant spaces for offloading and on-time deliveries. Great care was taken to minimize any disruption to pedestrian areas and nearby retail establishments.

The renovated building houses office space with common conference rooms and open work areas. An exposed penthouse of the original freight elevator offers the upstairs office space a unique feature. Maple and heart pine floors were patched and refinished, and the Owner had solar panels installed on the roof.

From the onset of the project, there was a tremendous amount of ground water under the slab, so a permanent sump pump was installed to keep the water from settling under the slab. Structural issues were addressed which included installing helical piers under the existing footing and erecting a wood timber support wall to hold the front of the building in place.

  • Location

    Greenville, SC
  • Completion Date

    June 2016
  • Size

    21,500 SF