Trident Medical Center ED & OR Renovation

Charleston, SC

ED Renovation
This 600 square foot renovation of the Emergency Department Trauma Area included demolition of interior finishes, relocation and replacement of casework and drywall patches and repair. Our team also reinstalled specialties removed during construction, installed the owner-furnished equipment and removed, capped and replaced the plumbing, electrical and HVAC fixtures and telecommunications.

OR Renovation
The 2,600 square foot Operating Room renovation was split into multiple phases. The scope of work included:
• demolition of walls, casework and finishes
• framing and finishing of new walls including rated walls and smoke partitions
• installation of new doors
• new flooring finishes to include sheet vinyl, lvt and vct
• new gypsum assemblies
• impact wall sheeting, epoxy, painting and wall protection.
MEP renovations included the demolition of existing fixtures, ductwork, piping and wiring and the installation of a new system, and also included medical gas piping and telecommunication systems.

  • Location

    Charleston, SC
  • Completion Date

    ED: May 2015
    OR: June 2015
  • Size

    ED: 600 SF
    OR: 2,600 SF